Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Wildlife Photography

Wild Cheetah or Domesticated Cat?

Photo: Twitter

German photographer, Chris Du Plessis, gets to experience the rare moment when a wild animal gently gets closer and closer. Du Plessis, 39, was lying on the grass at an African game reserve snapping shots when the cheetah approached him. This beautiful beast didn’t seem to have any mal-intentions, but Du Plessis admits he was ready for any sudden attack. Du Plessis told Daily Mail, “However I am still very aware never trust a wild animal, I was ready for a sudden attack or something, but I could lie there for five minutes quite comfortably.”

Du Plessis said that he used a remote device to capture the shot of him with the cheetah. He was told at the reserve that the cheetah’s name is Mtombi and she’s tame to the camp. The photographer admitted that this was an incredible moment.

“The loud sound of her purr is just amazing and I could feel her warm body against me, I could feel she was relaxed with me next to her,” he said.