Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Wildlife Photography

Photo: Twitter

Think nature photos are stunning? Wait until you see this behind-the-scenes wildlife photography collection that shows how far these men and women will go to get the perfect photograph.

From the outside, it kind of seems like wildlife photographers have the best job in the world. They get to travel and take photos of the most beautiful locations and rare animals on the planet. And, some wildlife photographers are crazy enough to take the photos to new extremes. While it’s definitely still on our list of dream jobs, these up-close and personal behind-the-scenes pictures show exactly what these brave photographers have to go through in order to get the perfect shot. It’s actually pretty hard!

Dedicated photographers brave hours sitting in swamps, frozen tundra, and more—just for the opportunity to get a glimpse of a rare animal. On the other hand, they also get up-close and personal with the wild creatures, and clearly make some furry new friends in the process.

A Bird’s Eye View 

Photo: boredpanda

This crafty photographer set out to get the perfect shot of birds without disturbing them in their natural habitat. Henryk Janowski, 41, gets within inches of these feathered creatures by designing his own swan-suit. The floating canopy allows him to gain another level of intimacy with the birds. But, it doesn’t mean it has gotten easy. Janowski spends hours in the middle of lakes until he can get close enough to take his desired photo.

Janowski, from Bielwa, Poland, told Daily Mail that his frustration motivated him to find alternatives to scaring the birds.

“In my neighborhood, I have a beautiful swamp which attracts all kinds of birds – but it’s not very accessible,” he said.